It feels like I’m breathing freedom when I’m here. Maybe freedom smells like garbage standing in the sun for too long, I don’t know. 

I don’t know what it is, I just get the feeling that anything is possible. 

I know that everything isn’t perfect. 
I know that it isn’t the land of the free for everyone. 
But in between the noise, the traffic and all the people, I strangely seem to find peace of mind. 

Maybe it’s just the magic of taking a chance on something. 

Like the quote from «American Quilt» goes: You have to go by instinct, and you have to be brave. 
And being brave can make you win or lose, you never know. 

But that isn’t really the point. 

The point is to know you tried. That you tried to make something extraordinary happen. 

And only time will tell how it goes. 

Legg gjerne igjen en tilbakemelding 🙂