Diamond Road Music

Diamond Road Music was established in 2003, and the company consists of: Hanne Sørvaag herself. The company is about to complete Hanne’s next album, but also works with songwriting for other artists. Hanne cooperates with several freelance musicians, assisted by her manager, Pär Stavborg, BamBam Management.

The company’s name and philosophy is inspired by Sheryl Crow’s song “Diamond Road”, and the text line:

“Don’t miss the diamonds along the way, every road has lead us here today. Life is what happens while you’re making plans, and all that you need is right here in your hand”.

Beyond this, Diamond Road Music claims to have one of the best possible working environments.
– I think it helps that the firm’s self-irony is extremely good, says general manager, initiator, switchboard manager, etc., Hanne Sørvaag.