I met my first spititual teacher when I was about a year old. 
My grandmother was her nanny. 

As we grew up, we were best friends. 

I knew she was special, and more than once I thought she was a little strange. 

I look back now, knowing what was my path, and I think it’s amazing that I came into this world and got someone guiding me so early on. 
I remember that she had little altars here and there, with things that meant something to her. 

And when we built our treehouse, I was often doing most of the work, and she would be sitting on a branch singing to the bark-beetles. 
When we were cleaning up the treehouse after the winter, she didn’t want us to kill any of the insects, because we should do no harm to anyone or anything. 

Behind their house they had this pile of something that smelled weird.

It was of course their compost, the way they recycled organic matter, next to the little home grown strawberry field, that smelled amazing. 

Back then I didnt know anyone else who had this in their garden. 
They even had a tiny beehive in the ceiling of their livingroom, because if that was where the bees had decided they wanted to live, then so be it. 

And I still remember the soothing sounds of the wind harps hanging in the trees. 

As the years went by, and we grew up, living our everyday lives in different cities, none of this was a part of my life. 

But today, this is my philosophy. 

To do the least harm to the earth and to the animals, to make room for every little creature, and now I have my own yoga-room with an altar where I chant and meditate, maybe not directly to the the bark-beetles, but sending good vibes out into the world to all living things.

And I am just so amazed and thankful that I had someone next to me to inspire and guide me so long before I after a while realized everything that she knew right from the start. 

It only took about 30 years. 


Legg gjerne igjen en tilbakemelding 🙂