I have arrived. 
To the place where country-dreams come true.

And I never want to leave this place again. 

I keep saying that these days.

I think it’s because I know I have to leave at some point. 

Either it’s because of the limit on my visa, or because of plans I’ve got back home in Norway, so I guess I can’t stay forever, no matter how much I want to. 

But I’m here now. 

And I’m gonna enjoy every single second of it! 

Just hanging out in the best music atmosphere I know, writing songs, sitting on a front porch drinking sweet tea. 

Amen to that, y’all! 

And then I’m gonna make like spring, and come back. Again and again. 

«Cause you know I love to call the shots

A late night at a saloon

Put a quarter on the jukebox

Play a song by Emmylou

I love to sing them tunes

And I’m playing this one for you

I love when it’s just me and my guitar

Cause I’m a countrygirl at heart»

Countrygirl at heart (Sorvaag/Bergseth)

Legg gjerne igjen en tilbakemelding 🙂